Hello Friends I am Abishek Ravichandran from Madurai,Tamilnadu and I am a Mechanical engineering Graduate,

Speaking about myself I have failed to clear GATE 2016 Mechanical Engineering .During my final year of college we were a team of 3 who were diligently preparing for gate ,but in the last month before college I couldnt concentrate much and I was at the bottom of my motivation curve.

I was that person who did'nt know the importance of consistency and thought that bunking college was really a cool thing. I had a friend Paridhi SK, he was really a great mentor for many of us in college, frankly speaking he was the person who introduced me to the word GATE and yeah we did not equip ourselves with the right weapons required for GATE preparation, we were hell ignorant though we were ready to work our asses we did not have any pragmatic approach to GATE preparation. But after we gave the GATE exam we had some realization and few things dawned upon us .You know what ? the best time to sow the seeds of success is during grave failure. Now I am a passed out graduate preparing for GATE from scratch.

Yeah there are many experts around who can guide you, but friends, in this blog which is a Joint effort by me and Paridhi we will be telling you what to do and mainly what not to do during GATE preparation.This is our First venture as a Team and hope it is mutually beneficial for us 👍 cheers and start preparing guys, you are not alone.

Lots of Love,


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